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free software

after attending a lecture by richard stallman in stuttgart, i decided to be a part of the free software community.
this means that the projects on this page are free to use/modify/distribute under the GNU license.
i'm not a radical in this (i'm a huge apple/mac fan) but i think every piece helps.
if you really like my scripts/software and you want me to put more time in it, you can donate via paypal, thank you!

due to software patents (a very bad idea) it is possible small software developpers and open source developpers will have to stop their activities! please visit one of these pages to get informed and act!


  • atom reader
    dirty but simple atom.xml parser.
  • phphitlog
    a simple hit counter that keeps track of all hits to a particular page.
  • mailme
    simple script to include a email form into your php page.
  • poster
    include a guestbook into your site.
  • eyeTV software
    program and view your eyeTV remotely.

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