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atomreader reads the most important info from an atom feed (like the ones from blogger.com).
its dirty but very simple, no XML parser or classes, just a simple script that reads the title, url, author and time from the atom.xml file.

see it in action here

you need PHP installed
if you want to get a feed from an external site (like blogspot.com), you need read rights


  1. download atomreader.zip
  2. open atomreader.php in a text editor.
  3. enter the URL of the atom.xml file
  4. if you want, you can change the HTML of the output
  5. upload the script to your server.
  6. to include the script into your page, be shure your page ends in .php (or equivalent)
  7. include this line into your page: <? include("atomreader.php"); ?> (be shure the path to the script is correct)
  8. upload your page and check if it works.

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