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poster is a simple guestbook that integrates into your site.
no database is required for it.
020802: added mail function.
080702: added stripslashes.

try my guestbook to see the script work.

requirements: you need PHP installed.


  1. download poster
  2. open poster.php in a text editor.
  3. set the configurations in the top of the document.
  4. upload the script to your server.
  5. also upload the files posteradd.php and posterdata.dat.
  6. chmod the file posterdata.dat 775.
  7. to include the script into your page, be shure your page ends in .php (or equivalent)
  8. include this line into your page: <? include("poster.php"); ?> (be shure the path to the script is correct)
  9. upload your page and check if and how it works.

chmod 775?

you need to set 'permissions' to be able to write to the file.
in UNIX terms this is called CHMOD and the 775 means read and write for all, execute for owner and group.
this can be done with most FTP programs, by selecting the directory's 'properties' or 'info' or something
check your FTP program's help to see how to set permissions.
the ftp command is: ftp> chmod 775 posterdata.dat

 screenshot from Transmit for Mac.

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